The world is changing
The old truths of industrialism are being called into question and giving way to the growth of a totally new way of thinking and doing business. A combination of the digital revolution and the Internet is the driving force behind much of what is happening, making it possible for companies and people to work together globally in a way that would have been unthinkable just a few years ago.

The effects on individuals, companies, and society as a whole have been dramatic. Time and space are losing their significance and traditional business boundaries are in the process of completely disappearing. Consumer power is growing. Middlemen are changing or disappearing and the value chains for entrepreneurs are being redefined. And that's just the beginning.


Today, Svanstroem Angus has a unique position in this ever-changing environment because since 1982, our business-to-business work has involved taking the overall approach. We described it then in terms of Analysis, Communication and Technology. This means that we integrate management with marketing and communication, IT and the Internet.

Today, we help Swedish as well as foreign export companies to identify and analyse the world around them and decide what strategies to use. Together we make the organisation stronger, build up the brand name and totally integrate and coordinate marketing, both locally and internationally.